Plumbing services in Arlington, TX

Installs, repairs, and maintenance for home and business

We understand that hiring a plumber to repair a toilet, clean out a clogged drain, or deal with other plumbing tasks is probably not on your bucket list. So while we may not be able to make your dreams come true, we can take care of those pesky plumbing problems in your Arlington, TX home or business. We’ll treat you with respect, charge fair prices, and get the job done right. It’s that simple.

Water Heater

What does a shower, dishwasher, and coffee maker all have in common? That’s right, they all depend on a steady flow of hot water. This means that your water heater is at the heart of many of your daily activities and luxuries. We stock, sell, service, and install all types of gas, electric, tank, and tankless water heaters to ensure that you always have a continual supply of hot water.

Toilet Repair

A toilet might be one of the most underappreciated amenities in our modern world. It handles some nasty business yet works flawlessly most of the time. But like all things a toilet can experience problems with use. Our team of professional plumbers can fix your toilet that won’t stop running, doesn’t flush properly, gets clogged, has a leaking bowl, or has other issues.

Clogged Drain

Since so much water and waste goes through your plumbing system on a daily basis it’s not uncommon for things to get into drains causing a point of blockage. Using a drain snake, plumbing camera, or other tools we’ll get your clogged drain flowing like normal. A yearly inspection of all drains is suggested to avoid backups that could end up flooding your home or business.

Leak Detection

Your plumbing system is tied together by hundreds of feet of pipe running under your foundation, behind your walls, and through your yard. Since all of this piping is concealed it can be difficult to identify a leak should one occur, but using the latest technologies and techniques our crew is able to find and repair any plumbing leak in the most non-destructive way possible.

Slab Leak

A foundation leak is quite different from other types of plumbing leaks, and should be treated as such. We start with a damage-free investigation approach to minimize repair costs, then once the leak has been found we make every effort to repair the issue without damage to your foundation, flooring, or other fixtures. Fixing your slab leak without breaking the bank is our goal.

Faucets & Fixtures

The most familiar parts of your plumbing system are likely the faucets and fixtures that you see and touch everyday. In addition to faucets that control water flow, showers, bathtubs, sinks, toilets, and water hose connections are common plumbing fixtures that you’re probably aware of. As you’d expect we stock, sell, repair, and install all types of faucets and fixtures.

Garbage Disposal

You’ve just enjoyed a delicious home-cooked meal and begin cleaning up. You probably rinse each dish and place them in your dishwasher, but what happens to all the food scraps now sitting in your sink? We install and repair all types of quiet garbage disposals so that any food in your sink will be broken down and passed through your drains and pipes without causing blockages.

Pipe Repair

Many plumbing problems are obvious, such as a leaky faucet or toilet that won’t stop running. However, non-visible broken pipes may be the root of your plumbing issues. Pipes can leak, crack, freeze, and sweat. Our plumbers are equipped with the best tools and training to detect where a pipe is broken and repair it no matter where in your system a problem might be.

New Construction

In addition to resolving problems in existing plumbing systems, we’re also available to handle all the plumbing requirements in your new home or business. We’ve worked on many different types of new construction projects such as residential homes, office buildings, restaurants, apartments, and more. With 61 years experience you can count on a job done right.

We’re a family-owned and operated company.  We have the talent and tools to serve individual residential homes, and larger commercial projects as well!

“These guys are awesome! I use them for all my plumbing needs.”

—Kimberlee Main-Munoz